# How to prevent update on page load

In your template call the text method of htmlAttrs with true as first argument:

<html {{ htmlAttrs.text(true) }}>

Or manually add the data-vue-meta-server-rendered attribute to the <html> tag on the server-side:

<html data-vue-meta-server-rendered <%= meta.htmlAttrs.text() %>>

vue-meta will check for this attribute whenever it attempts to update the DOM - if it exists, vue-meta will just remove it and perform no updates. If it does not exist, vue-meta will perform updates as usual.

While this may seem verbose, it is intentional. Having vue-meta handle this for you automatically would limit interoperability with other server-side programming languages. If you use PHP to power your server, for example, you might also have metadata handled on the server already and want to prevent this extraneous update.